Private Dance Lessons are Designed for You!

Private dance lesson with a Professional Instructor, give you the one-on-one attention necessary to learn to dance easier and faster, while having a fun time learning.

Private Lessons

At Dance Pizazz, each private les­son is taught personalized to your individual needs, goals, and desires based on your ability and learning style.

Are you nervous about social dancing in public? Are you looking to impress someone? Do you want to focus on having fun? Our private lessons are where we develop and polish your dancing, and most importantly they allow you to move at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Our Professional Dance Instructors will make it easy, while keeping it fun. You’ll be dancing out of the social dance floor comfortably and laughing in no time! Treat yourself or a loved one to a private dance lessons!

Benefits of Private Dance Lessons


Let’s face it, everyone learns at different rates. Some people can just watch something once and get it (don’t you hate that?). Some learn in greater detail, but require more repetition. We are all different, which is why we individually tailor your private lessons to best reflect how you learn and your personal goals.


In a group class the instructor just does not have enough eyes to watch every student at all times and thus bad dance habits can develop under the radar. But private dance lessons will allow any errors to be fixed before they develop into dreaded bad habits that will slow you down later.


If you are shy and uncomfortable with your dance skills, then Private Lessons are for you. Our Professional Dance Instructors weren’t born dancing: just like you, they had to start somewhere too. We all remember what it was like getting started and can sympathize with any concerns you have.


It’s good if you have one… but if you need one–no worries! Your Private Lessons are catered just for you and you will be guaranteed a partner. (Hint… it’s your Dance Instructor.)

New Student Private Lesson

Get started today with a New Student Private Dance Lesson. Schedule a Private Lesson with one of our Professional Dance Instructors.